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Watervliet Therapeutic Equestrian Center Receives $2300 Donation

On a recent Saturday representatives from The Ray Carlson Memorial visited the Therapeutic Equestrian Center in Watervliet to donate $2,300 to TEC’s Saddle Stars program for special needs children and adults.

TEC is a nonprofit 501(c)3 service organization that provides year-round therapeutic horse-related activities to those with special needs. TEC exists to enhance the lives of people with an array of special needs and disabilities through engaging them in horse-related activities. TEC’s therapeutic riding program helps people from children to seniors find hope and reach potentials they never thought possible. Participants benefit in a wide variety of ways. Therapeutic riding is a form of physical exercise. Physical therapists state that the horse’s movement and gait mirrors people walking with benefits that can’t be replicated in a clinic. Horses sense our emotions allowing a special connection to form between the horse and their rider. That connection may motivate a rider to utter their first words or empower them for the first time in their lives to be in control of a situation. Riders often also experience benefits such as greater ability to stay focused, behavioral improvements, and increased muscle strength. These benefits can improve classroom experiences as educators often see improvements as skills acquired in school are applied in new settings.

The Ray Carlson Memorial is proud to support such an amazing cause, and we appreciate the opportunity to work with TEC.

To learn more about Watervliet’s Therapeutic Equestrian Center visit their website or contact Craig at the Ray Carlson Memorial at 269-208-5253.